Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 30 - 30th January 2014 - Another Snow day - From the Kitchen Window

It just gets colder every morning, temperature is -10, brrr. Looks like it will be a fine day. So I'm off on the trek to town today. Get some errands done, pay some bills and do a bit of volunteer work. Lunch at the Beandock and a meeting in the afternoon. Should take care of most of the day. I'll get my walking in, I'm sure around town and have exercise class today.
Wednesday was a day to hunker down and stay inside if you could. I could and I did. Of course after supper I was feeling guilty that I didn't go out for my walk. Truthfully I was cold most of the day. My photos came via the kitchen window. The Blue Jays seem to have taken over the feeders, I think I'm going to declare war on them soon - I don't mind if they use two of the feeders but prefer they leave the 3rd one for the little birds and the suet log for the Woodpeckers and Chickadees.
 Larry filled the feeders in the snow yesterday morning.
 Lexi helps too of course.
 And it snowed all day.
 The fence seemed to be a favourite spot for the birds to rest.
 I'm sure I can reach that.

 The ladder.
 And everyone is here.
 The Goldfinches stopped in.
 The Chickadees spend most of the day hanging out.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I wish I had more birds visit me but my feeders are on my deck so the birds don't have any protection. I must remedy that somehow. I just found out that the regular fella that likes my suet bag is a Northern Flicker. I love watching him. I get a lot of starlings, a few blue jays and the odd little bird.. chickadee, junco and finch. I never was much of a bird watcher but I feel closer to Dad when I see them.

  2. What a big help Princess Lexi is...someone needs to supervise. I recognized the Chickadee today. Progress has been made indeed. I am going to get up to see you today! Have a good day and try to stay warm.