Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 17 - 17th January 2014 - Rain and Birds at the Feeder

Hey it's Friday and the end of the work week for most of you. I've overslept or slept in, not sure which. Temperature is 0.8, cooler than the last few days but still not cold for this time of year. I think we are going to get a few hours of reprieve from rain most of the day.  If that is truly the case I'm going to make my escape with the camera today. Most of the dirt roads will be terrible, but I'm sure I can find a coastal spot with some birds. That's my plan - lets hope it happens! Must get a few things done this morning so I can put my plan in to action.
Another wet and dreary day in the hood. Thought I'd beat the rain and head out for my walk early yesterday morning, so flashlight in hand off I went only to be caught in rain down the road. I had a day stuck mostly in the house. Did get some housework done, a few things put away, made pizza for supper, laundry and all that kind of fun stuff. Exercise class last night - another good work out. Really helps when the weather is too yucky to roam.
 The Chickadee was tasting the suet from my Suet log. We moved the Christmas tree up against the fence for better shelter.
 Chickadees, Goldfinches and Juncos were all I saw today at the feeders.
 Playing around with rain drops and photo editing.
 More normal raindrops!
 They look so wet and uncomfortable, feel sorry for them.
 Hanging out on the fence.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am going to try to comment again....I hit post and my comment is gone! For some reason I knew you had slept in...but then again anytime after 5:00 is sleeping in. You need to get out and about this weather has you "shack whackey"