Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10 - 10th January 2014 - Snowflakes, Fungi, Squirrel and Birds

Brrr... Friday morning and the temperature is -17.1. It's Nova Scotia so if you want a few hours it will change, in fact for the next few days the temperatures are suppose to be in the +5 to +9 range. So this morning we have the red bar alert up on the weather site again - yup you guessed it - rainfall this time for Saturday into Sunday. This is the kind of winter I dislike. I'd prefer and bit of snow, a little crispness in the air and some sunshine. Not this deep freeze flip flopping back and forth to mild and rain. I dislike rain in winter, sooner or later it turns cold and then you have to do that  penguin walk around so you don't fall.
Thursday was nice, a little breezy but warmed up to -4 in the afternoon. Got out for 2 walks and kept the chocolate eating to a minimum - it was a better day. It's so quiet walking now, not much in the way of birds chirping or darting around. The eagle did a fly over and I tried finding him but with no luck. I think he was just scouting things out and probably headed back down the river. There's no open water in the lake so chances are he wouldn't find much. I worked on a couple of research reports, one I made headway on, the other not a lot. It will come. Laundry, etc around the house. Shortened a couple of pairs of pants.  Exercise class last night - good work out.

I can see snowflakes!
 Sometimes it's pretty neat the way the snow hangs on such small branches.

 Some leathery leaves.

 Fungi all up and down this tree.

When you look up you never know what you will see.
Rest stop on the fence - Junco.
 Spied this White-throated Sparrow when I was out in the hood during my afternoon walk.

Some freaky clouds.

Enjoy your day!

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