Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11 - 11th January 2014- Golden-eyes and Juncos

A mild morning +1.7 - quite a change from yesterday. Sounds like it's going to be a mostly inside weekend - lots of rain for today and tomorrow. I guess I'll be doing some housework, research and maybe just curled up with a book and some very good Earle Grey Tea. Our friend sent me a box of tea bags  from England at Christmas time and it's so very good if you are a tea drinker and I'm really enjoying it. Sometime in the next few days I've got to dig out Grandmother's Journal again, it's been a while since she made an appearance.
It's still automatic to hit 2013, seems I have to double check every time! Well we had a good day on Friday, made a little run to Yarmouth in the morning. Had to exchange an item that wasn't working and I ended up purchasing a more expensive one to replace it. It was a tablet for Larry and since he's not really savy with this stuff I figured a better quality would be easier on my nerves! We didn't dilly dally, got what we needed and headed for home. It's hard to believe that I could shop til I dropped at one time, now the less time I have to spend in a store the better I like it. For a change the weather was good and warmed up quite a bit from when we started out. We were going to check out the waterfront in Yarmouth for ducks but didn't get there so photos are slim today.

Before going home we drove down to the river to see if there were any ducks around and were lucky enough to find a Male Common Golden Eye and three females.

 The Juncos are really become photogenic.
 Not very lady like, but at the end of the day, the feed is getting down.
Umm... I think I need a pedicure.

Enjoy your day!

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