Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18 - 18th January 2014 - Loons, Ducks, Chickens and Surf

Saturday, temperature is +1.8, giving some rain and snow for later today and this evening. Have lots to accomplish today, so need to kick start myself and get going. The day off made me feel much better.  Larry's off to a Fire Dept. Social in town at supper time, so Lexi and I will have a lazy evening at home. Have some baking to do this morning and some computer work later. Sure the regular old housework will fall in there somewhere too.
Well we escaped yesterday and it was well worth it. I needed an outing with my camera, away from the house, the hood, etc. Normally I don't mind being home in the winter but I think the constant rain lately makes me "Shack Wacky" as my friend says. It's always so dark and dreary when it rains. We headed down towards Lockeport, stopped in East Jordan, then on to Lockeport beach area, motored through Allandale, West Sable River, stopped at Louis Head Beach and the Breakwater Rd. Decided the dirt road down to Hemeon's Head was probably just too muddy, we did go down to Rockland but turned around - soft and lots of ruts.  Headed back to town, a few groceries and then home by late afternoon. Left over pizza for supper meant no cooking and a perfect ending to the day.
 It was a great day for Loons, saw 8 in one group.

 Saw several of these Horned Grebes too.
 There were so many Canada geese in Lockeport, this is only one section of them.
 Got some good in flight shots of this gull, but my favourite was...
 The landing, he looks like he's wearing a tutu.
 This Horned Grebe was riding the waves.
 And some more domesticated fowl - Guinea Hens.
 A Plymouth Rock Rooster strutting his stuff.
 The surf was rough.
 A curious little Song Sparrow.
Ya know I'm a sucker with water droplet bling!

Enjoy your day!

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