Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27 - 27th January 2014 - Snow Flurries and Feeders

I've got to get myself back into a decent time line again. Nice to sleep in but I don't get anything done laying in bed. When day light comes earlier that will get me out of bed at a better hour. Temperature is -4.3 this morning. It's Larry's birthday today, so have to cook a special supper - he's put in a request for something with lobster and scallops. Both of those are in the freezer, all I have to do is pull it together later today!  Exercise class tonight - good thing. Well I need to finish up the last of the grant applications, hopefully between today and tomorrow.
It sure snowed hard at times on Sunday. I was beginning to think that their "flurries" would amount to something but didn't really seem to. Had a good turn out for breakfast for January. I'm always amazed that folks will drive way up here in miserable weather but we certainly appreciate their support.  Always nice to see and catch up with  people  we've not seen for a while. Our afternoon was homemade ice cream - ah it was good. Lots of memories of the old hand crank machine my mom used for many years. Ours is an electric one and takes a lot of the hard work out.

 Snow flurries!
 Even the poor little Junco was covered in snow.

 Becoming very good at hanging on to the suet log.
 Greedy Blue Jay with a mouth of seed.
 Another reason it's empty!
They don't seem to get along well. They also have a hard time hanging on to the log for some reason.

Enjoy your day!