Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8 - 8th January 2014 - Birds at the Feeder

So it seems we are back to the deep chill again, temperature is -9.6 this morning, looks like it will be milder in a few days. I'm heading into town this morning - do some errands, volunteer work. I suppose it's a good idea to periodically get out to civilization and see a few people. Here's hoping for a good day. Better do up a list  so I don't forget anything. A town day also means lunch at the Beandock - will be good to catch up with everyone.
I think the weather people were a little off the wall with yesterday's forecast. A few flurries and a couple of centimeters wasn't exactly what we had. It snowed all friggin' day, also blowing show and white outs. From what I understand driving was a disaster across the province. Days like this I'm glad to be home. Lexi and I did get out around the hood, but wasn't fit to take the camera. She had a good run and I jumped her over lots of windfalls to wear a little of the excess energy off she's build up the last few days. She loves to go out in the cold, but doesn't like the rain. Some housework and mostly a day of research, with some progress but not a lot.
 Got my new Suet holder out with homemade suet. Didn't take long and I saw a Chickadee at it.
 Hanging out on the Fence post. Took this in the morning - note the few flurries on top of the other post.
 He's trying to decide if he should stay or leave.
 The Robins were surprised. Monday they had green grass and were hopping around the yard everywhere.
 Two of the many Blue Jays in residence.
 The little birds get a turn too.
I think this summer we have to strengthen the Wisteria arbour, looks like it will soon collapse.
The Phlox is getting beaten down by the snow, I think some of the birds maybe finding a few seeds so I leave it.

Enjoy your day!

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