Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14 - 14th January 2014 - Sunrise, Ice, and A Beaver

Temperature is +4.5 and the weather site has the big red bar across "Rainfall Alert"  - groan, more rain.  Rubber boots will be part of our  wardrobe for sure after this one. I would love to get out for a walk, but it probably won't happen. More inside work I guess  for me today - computer - research etc. The one thing you can't do anything about is the weather and Mother Nature, so I guess we go with the flow!
Another spring like day - very very nice. I buzzed off early and caught the sunrise, then back home for breakfast and computer work  - grants and  research - fun, fun. I did break after lunch for another walk around the hood and was rewarded with  seeing a Beaver. Guess he must have decided to have lunch out, since it was fine. I'll keep my eye out and get a better photo of him. His house is in one of the coves in the lake and I've seen where he cuts his wood. I did check the flower beds, I've got crocus' popping through the ground. Nice he can live in peace. Pasta for supper and exercise class last night.
 A perfect beginning to the day.
 Soft shades of pinks and yellows.
 The ice makes very cool patterns.
 A good day for shadows, not a cloud in the sky.
 Mr Beaver having lunch. He was right in the shadows and the sun was bright in my eyes.
 Pretty patterns.
I think they are crocus springing forth!

Enjoy your day!

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