Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 - 6th January 2014 - The River, Hooded Mergansers and a Wild Turkey

Monday, temperature is 0.5 with rain on the way. Today's big red bar is a "rainfall alert" on the weather site. So we go from one extreme to the other. Temperatures will be mild today and drop again on Tuesday. I think everything returns to normal today - University students have returned, schools start back and anyone that's been off is back to the grind. For me it's going to be a few hours of catching up on some computer work and housework - trying to maintain the deep cleaning I have it before the holidays. Exercise class tonight - this is a good thing, need to get back into that routine too.
What a lovely day Sunday turned out to be. Weather was spectacular and seems like some snow melted as well. We didn't go really far, took a drive up the road to see if the Hooded Merganser was still there but we found him and a 2 others down the river. So we basically trolled up and down the road checking out the river looking for ducks. Was sure we would see more but no luck. Did get a bit of a work out trying to get through the snowbank on the side of the road to get closer to the river.  I took a walk before supper since I had been lazily reading for a while and thought I should go stretch my legs and think about the chocolates I had inhaled.
 Ice was floating along the river.
 The water was moving fast.
A beautiful day for reflections.
 A bench to enjoy a summer evening or afternoon by the river.

 It sure looks cold.

 A Wild Turkey? ...well not really.
 Two males and one female Hooded Mergansers. No sign of the Eagle today.
 Looking up the river toward where the lake empties into it.

Clouds hung over the lake, almost like you could reach up and touch them.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Why is it that chocolate is inhaled? Lol here's to a good productive day...I sure hope so as yesterday was not the greatest. brushing myself off and realizing that life is short and not to dwell on parasites!