Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 - 2nd January 2014 - Chickadees, Blue Jays, Goldfinches and Getting ready for a Storm

Another cold day for sure, temperature is -13.5 and....we have a blizzard on the way for tonight and tomorrow. Big red bar is showing a "Blizzard Warning". As much as I really don't want to (maybe I'll send Larry), need to run into town and pick up dog food especially if the weather is going to be bad for a few days, I certainly will not want to go out unless it's on foot.  Starting off with a bang if we have a big storm. Everyone is off to work today I'm sure,  holidays are over for a while, don't think the next one is until Easter. The Government has talked on and off about a winter holiday - maybe in February sometime but if the declare one they never given it to the all the labour force just those under the government umbrella. So who cares. We have one like that in August and then there is Remembrance Day that they should declare a statutory holiday but never have. Oh well I'm on a rant this morning. Must drink my coffee and get ready for the storm. Ham out to cook will be tasty for the next few days.
An interesting first day of the New Year. The temperature never really warmed up that's for sure. When it reached -5.7 the wind picked up making it colder than it had been at -12. I did an extra long walk in the morning, starting off things on the right foot of the exercise path. Walking doesn't really feel like exercise to me I enjoy it so much. These days with the lake frozen it's pretty quiet - no ducks, not a lot of other birds unless I creep around some feeders. I took a look through my note bird notebook from last year, I'm getting impatient for more species. The Red Polls arrived on the 15th January, maybe they'll come early this year. Enjoyed another fabulous meal at Mom and Dad's. Roast Beef and Pork, mashed potatoes, veggies and cheesecake for dessert. After a meal like that it was a lazy evening!
 This Chickadee reminds me of Lexi when she's wet and shakes her fur.
 The gang was all in for breakfast.
 This Woodpecker was so intent on eating I tried not to disturb him too much.
 Frosty leaves...
 and windows.
 Patterns on the ice.
 The Goldfinches seem to have showed up late, but there is still some in the feeders and ground.
Hanging on to the branches.

Enjoy your day

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