Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 335 - 30th November 2012 - Ice, Snow and Snowflake Cookies

Hard to believe it's the last day of the month. Temperature is -1.8. I woke up at 3:30am - yes way too early but when I looked out the kitchen window everything is covered in snow - this is the first real snowfall. A blanket of white over the deck, grass and trees sparkling in the moonlight. In a couple of months I'll be groaning - when is it leaving, but for now it was pretty and not too much. Decorations are going up today and I'll do up a list of gifts I still need to buy with some idea of what I want so I'm not aimlessly shopping this weekend.
Cold and windy yesterday, even had a few snowflakes floating around which of course put me in the mood to make snowflake cookies - sugar cookies actually cut like snowflakes with a glaze and a bit of clear sprinkles. Oh what a festive house! The majority of them go off to one of my nephews, some will go to the girls [gannets as I affectionately call them] and Larry will probably managed to munch down a few. Even got a few decorations up, Larry got the rest out for me while I was to exercise class. However, just before supper the County of Shelburne received bad news, the idiots in government decided to vote for the boundary change so come next election half of the county will be shoved in with Argyle and half will be tossed to Queens. I predict in 20 years we probably won't have a county called Shelburne at all. My rant for the day!
 On a more upbeat note [yes I'm up and down] - got a parcel card in the mail yesterday - could this be part of the 12 days of Christmas again?? Larry picked it up on the way home - he opened it but I told him he better wrap it up or I would be in it before Christmas. Many, many thanks Angelika and Bernie - I will enjoy them this winter and think of  you guys! Had a great work out,  a  slight road trip to town to the gym since the hall had no power. On our way back home the power truck had just arrived - some service!
Imagine my surprise when I saw ice and snow on the lake this morning.
Frozen in time, blades of grass.
The water table is low again.
Stripes of light as the sun shines through the trees on the ice.
I love the way the shadows play across the lake.
And the snowflake cookies fresh out of the oven.
Time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 334 - 29th November 2012 - Ice, Hazy Sun and Chickdee

Woke a little too early this morning - ugh! Temperature is nippy at -4.5 and they are giving a few flurries. Not sure what's on for today, maybe start digging out the Christmas decorations. I've got a great storage cupboard under the staircase which holds everything. They are out of the way (but all together) from season to season. Some of the bins are too heavy and I'll have to get Larry to pull them out this evening but I can get a few things done. It usually means a couple of days shot depending on my ambition level and how much I really feel like putting out. Some years are more decorative than others! I'll check out my pinterest boards and see if anything inspires me - I've pinned lots of stuff but it's hard to say if I actually have everything without buying more to put something together. This year I'm not spending any money on decorations.
Spent most of yesterday in a workshop on Social Media. It was pretty good, picked up a few tips and created a new Facebook page for the Beandock. Facebook I'm pretty good with, but I've had twitter for several years and don't use it much other than to tweet my blog every morning. I might start using it more now. Linkedin I'm on but never use it. Truthfully I can't see a great purpose behind it for myself. Then it was a mad dash around to mail parcels, do bank deposits, dropped off my laptop in the morning, checked on that, got it on the way home and I paid some bills. So I was tired when I got home. The house was cold too, the furnace never lasts all day and it was rather cold and raw although we didn't receive any rain or snow.
Checking back to Grandmother's Journal:
29th November 1973
Overcast and raining all day until afternoon late. What a pleasure not to get up early. Bob to M.C. [Middle Clyde] look after dogs and working on his chores.
30th November 1973
Last of November can hardly believe the time flies so fast. Settled in town a relief not to be alone in M.C. Love it but wish there was someone else around. To work as usual and Bob to M.C. to finish up house. He did a lot of  his chores today. Things to do here in town but they will come. Tom not happy but I finally got him in his box. Wish we didn't have to leave M.C. No answer for that so far. Nasty day, rain snow mixed. More in M.C. then in town. [They lived in Middle Clyde for over 20 years with no power (except generator) or telephone, usually in the winter they would move to town for the worse months)]
Guessing we will have more of this.
A skating rink for birds.
The sun was just a hazy globe in the sky.
He's trying hard to get at it.
I think I'm in need of another coffee. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 333 - 28th November 2012 - Sunrise

Wednesday and the temperature is -0.1, a little milder perhaps. Well it's my town day, sounds like the weather will be messy with wet snow/snow/rain who knows, but only about 2-4mm of something. Going to drop my laptop off at the shop, it kind of went a little wonky yesterday morning so best get it checked out before something terrible happens and it crashes. Although it's been fine ever since, but better safe than sorry. I did get everything backed up yesterday to my external hard drive just in case.
Yesterday was one of those grey, overcast days - the weather looked like it would do something but never did. Of course with the sunrise as bright as it was, one could just wait for some kind of weather. It was the first day of Lobster season as well, in this area that's an important event. Loads of people go out to the wharves early in the morning [still dark] to watch the fishermen/women get ready and set sail. There were some fabulous photos this morning on Facebook. Most communities also hold a special service the Sunday prior to the first day of season. Lexi and I went down to the boat ramp for a minute in the morning and came home to find a bag of flour and a bag of sugar. Can't wait to see what I get tomorrow! It's beginning to look like the 12 days of Christmas. They have one side of the road paved in front of the house - oh it was a noisy afternoon. Will be really glad when they are finished here, Lexi just hates the big machinery and the house shaking.
I like the tree silhouettes in front of the sunrise.
The colors were just brilliant.
And some softer colors
You can also see a bit of ice which has just formed on the top of the lake at the base of the shoreline.
I like the simplicity of this - flakes of ice, but it looks so much cooler as a larger photo.
Well time to take my turn at scrabble and get ready for town. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332 - 27th November 2012 - Gift from Afar, the Lake and Birds

Tuesday, temperature is definitely chilly out there at -5.7. Winter must be truly here, doesn't seem like we are going to get any mild mornings now. It's suppose to be sunny/cloudy today, so I think Lexi and I will take advantage of that if it's quiet out front. Perhaps we'll add another walk to our normal regiment or putter around the yard some. I should start adding the latest photos for the Society's on-line auction that we want to get started this week, easier to do it today and get it running. This will probably be the last one before Christmas.
Yesterday I did some baking, hemmed some pants and a bit of general work - laundry, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. Some days are like that but everyday can't be a blast. We had the war zone going on most of the day in front of the house again. When I see the big orange cones going out I know it will be noisy! Will be glad when the paving is done. Lexi is not a happy dog at all. Although I'm glad to be home with her when this is going on. I got a lovely gift in the mail from Sandy far away in Scotland. Sandy and I have never met but we share a common friend. Funny how I feel like I've known her forever, perhaps we share some Scottish roots since some of my family originally came from there over 225 years ago. Thanks again, I love the diary and the photos are beautiful.
Got a little camera shake going on when I took this, but the photos throughout it are fabulous. It makes me want to go now for sure.
It was nice on the lake, but cold.
This Blue jay was squawking at me from above. He was a bit ruffled and I wonder if he's not a young one.
Not snow but sand along the beach.
Looks like the water level has dropped a bit again.
A little Nuthatch peaking down from a high limb.
Well time to get things started. Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 331 - 26th November 2012 - The First Snow

Well Monday has rolled around once again. Temperature is - 1.6, so it's a bit nippy out there. Forecast is for a chance of snow flurries this morning. Planning to finish up a few things around here in the housecleaning department, then maybe drag out some decorations. Wasn't really planning on that until the end of the week but it might happen today. Although I've got some mending and shortening of pants that I've been putting off so I might spend part of the day at the sewing machine. I never mind starting from scratch sewing but dislike doing the mending end of things. I know there are several pairs of pants Larry needs hemmed. Maybe it will be a good day for that, especially since they've been sitting there for months.  Exercise class tonight, hopefully I will stay on the ball and not slide off again. It's been almost 3 months since I started and I guess I can see where somethings are getting better, other things I still don't have much of a clue about, but I'll keep at it.
Had a good turn out for breakfast but I don't think it was one of our busiest mornings. We were short workers so that was fine. I did persuade Larry to help me in the junk room before supper. It's not totally done, but you can get through there now and we hauled a bunch of stuff out to go in the trash. So all is good.  I believe what they say about our weather "wait 5 minutes if you don't like it and it'll change" Saturday was warm, Sunday we had snow. No great amount mind you, but very strong flurries which only amounted to a dusting on the ground and trees Would have been pretty if the wind hadn't been so cold Ah it's winter!
Just a bit on the path yesterday afternoon.
The fallen leaves will soon be covered in white.
I like the snow on the firs and pine trees.
The ducks were flying off.
The moon should be full in another couple of nights. For now it peeks back and forth behind the clouds and tree branches.
Guess it's time for a coffee refill and get things going. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 330 - 25th November 2012 - Clouds, Bird Nest and Ducks

Up early this morning, temperature is 0.8. Let Lexi out and there were a few gently snowflakes coming down from a star bright sky. It was pretty just before 5am. We are off to work the breakfast at the Fire Hall this morning, after that who know. It usually take a good portion of the day as we don't get home much before noon. I think Larry wants to put some more wood in the basement so if the weather is fit that's what he'll do. I'm not sure what I'll get up to, there is always something around here that needs to get finished or started, maybe the room I've been putting off.
Yesterday wasn't such a bad day. After posting on Saturday morning about frost and ice, it was rather funny that the temperatures reached 13.5 in the afternoon. The rain held off, Larry got the roof repairs done that he wanted to do, we did our shopping in the morning and a few errands. I puttered around the house most of the afternoon, even wrapped a few Christmas gifts. One more month and the day will be here and I still have sooo much to do. I realized just how few gifts I've bought. I need to figure out what I'm buying for people, that's the hardest part. Took a drive up the road visiting last evening.
The dark clouds moved over some parts about mid afternoon.
There was still lots of blue showing up between the big batches of fluff in the sky.
Looks like the flames on the burning bush have pretty well been extinguished.
A pair of Mallards.
This family has no doubt moved on to warmer climates.
 Well my second cup of coffee is ready, time to wake up everyone else. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 329 - 24th November 2012 - Frost and Ice - Its is November after all

First night in a week I didn't sleep well and was up too early. Temperature is +6.7, so maybe that and the furnace going had something to do with it. I think Lexi was restless and  warm too. Off to town this morning for the weekly shopping. Larry needs to fix a few shingles on the roof, but not sure he'll get it done today as they are giving a chance of showers, hopefully the weather co-operates and he can get that done. I don't see too much "need to do" things for today so will just see where it leads.
The Christmas festivities are happening this weekend in town. Craft show today, parade tonight, house tours etc. Should be nice weekend so I hope the weekend weather isn't too bad.
Another beautiful day yesterday. It's hard to believe this is almost the end of November, but they are giving colder for Sunday. It really helps to be in a good mood when yukky things happen. I started cleaning out the fridge in the morning, pull out the top shelf, knocked a container open which spilled over everything including the floor. Now you know it was something that had been there for a while. So before I even could clean the inside I had to scrub up the floor. Oh well stuff happens, right? So I proceeded, cleaned everything out, shelves, crispers, etc. Took those things which are always hidden in the back and no longer recognizable as food, dumped them in the compost and wash up all the containers. A morning well spent. By lunch time the big orange cones had appeared again in the road. But they were patching the pavement in front of the house, so we had an afternoon of heavy equipment, etc. in and out of the driveway. Finally I could stand it no longer, Lexi was just about nuts as she hates loud noises. We crept out the backdoor [no chance of going through the front and on the road] and tramped through the woods til we hit the path and sought refuge at Lois' for an hour. By the time we got home they had finished and it was the regular traffic on the road again. Don't get me wrong I like the idea that they are paving the road they can pick up their damn garbage! Tomorrow I'm going to tell them to take their spray cans and junk they are leaving on the sides of the road with them.
Just a few water droplets left from the mornings frost on this branch.
It's dripping from the branches above as the sun melts the frost.
But more than frost on the lake, a delicate layer of ice along the edge of the shore.
A bit of foam mixed in with the ice. I think it looks kind of cool.
There was a bit of frost along the edge of the tree fungi this morning.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 328 - 23rd November 2012 - Another day on the Lake

It's Friday again folks, temperature is -1.8 will be a little nippy out there on the way to work I'm sure. Kitchen today including cleaning out all those wonderful things that have gotten moved to the back of the fridge. Tomorrow is shopping day so it's a good time to do that. Then the regular stuff like laundry etc. Sounds like it will be another sunny day so Lexi and I will get some roaming around. My days are rather boring, but I put a Gordon Lightfoot CD in and clean away. Nothing like good music to move a job a long.
I never did get to finish off the kitchen yesterday but I did get the living room all done, including clearing off some shelves for decorating in another week or so. Decorating and Baking will probably happen around the same time. It was so quiet and peaceful around the neighbour until late afternoon when those very pretty orange cones went back up in the middle of the road in front of the house. Have no idea what they are doing now, it just means Lexi and I have to be more creative about getting out of the yard for our walks. Usually that involves neighbours yards, etc. but that's nothing new! Exercise class last night, more hard stuff. I fell off the ball and slide across the mat on my face, it's was not nice. Didn't hurt myself, but create lots of laughter in the room. Oh well, these things happen to everyone, right? Probably not. As you can tell I'm still have co-ordination issues!
Calm and serene on the lake in the morning.
Just a touch of frost.
The mighty oak is still holding on to some of her leaves.
Someone on the lake had a wood fire going yesterday morning. We did too, of course, but I let it go out after lunch to the grumblings of Larry when he came home.
Some of the neighbours are beginning to put a few decorations out, I love the color of this wreath!
Well time to drink my coffee. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 327 - 22nd November 2012 - Decorations, Berries, and Dock Street

Thursday and another day of cleaning, going to finish the kitchen and tackle the living room. Temperature is 0.8. Another sunny and mild day coming up. Lexi and I will definitely get out around the neighbourhood and enjoy the sunshine. I've actually been sleeping this last week - no up in the middle of the night roaming around, it's nice to sleep. It's the first time in many years I've not been terribly tired and worn out during the month of November. It's a pretty great feeling.
It was busy yesterday but we got an amazing amount of work accomplished. Laura spent most of the day pitching in and we couldn't have got it done without some great helping hands. Debbie, Bobbie Jo and I also had a lovely lunch at Charlotte Lane, including a few giggles - it's always important to have laughter and gossip [really just catching up!] Thanks to Fred for treating us. Of course I had to have the cheesecake for dessert so at 6:30  last night I was still full. Good think I walked down to meet Larry after I was done in town, got down past the causeway on the way to Sandy Point, so thought that was a pretty good stretch. On the other hand my cheeks are really aching after Monday night and I don't mean the ones I laugh with - that evil exercise teacher, what did she do to us! Of course now you know it will be worse tonight. I'll probably be in traction on Friday morning when I wake up. Oh well, what is it they say - no pain, no gain. We'll see.
The shops are decorated in town. Things are beginning to look festive. I love her window displays. The Town also put up their tree today and I think the wreaths along the street will go up in the next day or so.
This holly next to some one's house is beautiful. The only red berries I've seen this season.
I like this wreath, kind of country looking but I really like the red door. And no I was not peeking in their windows, just admiring their decor from afar!
Looking across at the park it looks awful lonely this time of year.
Looking down Dock St at the steeple on top of Cox's Warehouse. Just a tidbit of info, the steeple is not originally, it was put there during the filming of The Scarlett Letter a number of years ago. Makes a great focal point for photos though.
Not quite the effect I wanted but the sun was glowing behind the roof tops and trees. I just couldn't get the right angle. Will try again another day.
Well I hear the rest of the house getting up, time to get started. Enjoy your day!