Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 327 - 22nd November 2012 - Decorations, Berries, and Dock Street

Thursday and another day of cleaning, going to finish the kitchen and tackle the living room. Temperature is 0.8. Another sunny and mild day coming up. Lexi and I will definitely get out around the neighbourhood and enjoy the sunshine. I've actually been sleeping this last week - no up in the middle of the night roaming around, it's nice to sleep. It's the first time in many years I've not been terribly tired and worn out during the month of November. It's a pretty great feeling.
It was busy yesterday but we got an amazing amount of work accomplished. Laura spent most of the day pitching in and we couldn't have got it done without some great helping hands. Debbie, Bobbie Jo and I also had a lovely lunch at Charlotte Lane, including a few giggles - it's always important to have laughter and gossip [really just catching up!] Thanks to Fred for treating us. Of course I had to have the cheesecake for dessert so at 6:30  last night I was still full. Good think I walked down to meet Larry after I was done in town, got down past the causeway on the way to Sandy Point, so thought that was a pretty good stretch. On the other hand my cheeks are really aching after Monday night and I don't mean the ones I laugh with - that evil exercise teacher, what did she do to us! Of course now you know it will be worse tonight. I'll probably be in traction on Friday morning when I wake up. Oh well, what is it they say - no pain, no gain. We'll see.
The shops are decorated in town. Things are beginning to look festive. I love her window displays. The Town also put up their tree today and I think the wreaths along the street will go up in the next day or so.
This holly next to some one's house is beautiful. The only red berries I've seen this season.
I like this wreath, kind of country looking but I really like the red door. And no I was not peeking in their windows, just admiring their decor from afar!
Looking across at the park it looks awful lonely this time of year.
Looking down Dock St at the steeple on top of Cox's Warehouse. Just a tidbit of info, the steeple is not originally, it was put there during the filming of The Scarlett Letter a number of years ago. Makes a great focal point for photos though.
Not quite the effect I wanted but the sun was glowing behind the roof tops and trees. I just couldn't get the right angle. Will try again another day.
Well I hear the rest of the house getting up, time to get started. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos...glad you enjoyed your lunch perhaps one of these Wednesdays we could hook up for lunch or a supper....I will give you a ride home lol Love the store front but then again the young lady who runs it is pretty special and I might add quite talented!!! I believe you have just caused yourself future pain by publically calling your exercise instructor evil!! On a lighter note I will visit you while you are in traction :)