Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 328 - 23rd November 2012 - Another day on the Lake

It's Friday again folks, temperature is -1.8 will be a little nippy out there on the way to work I'm sure. Kitchen today including cleaning out all those wonderful things that have gotten moved to the back of the fridge. Tomorrow is shopping day so it's a good time to do that. Then the regular stuff like laundry etc. Sounds like it will be another sunny day so Lexi and I will get some roaming around. My days are rather boring, but I put a Gordon Lightfoot CD in and clean away. Nothing like good music to move a job a long.
I never did get to finish off the kitchen yesterday but I did get the living room all done, including clearing off some shelves for decorating in another week or so. Decorating and Baking will probably happen around the same time. It was so quiet and peaceful around the neighbour until late afternoon when those very pretty orange cones went back up in the middle of the road in front of the house. Have no idea what they are doing now, it just means Lexi and I have to be more creative about getting out of the yard for our walks. Usually that involves neighbours yards, etc. but that's nothing new! Exercise class last night, more hard stuff. I fell off the ball and slide across the mat on my face, it's was not nice. Didn't hurt myself, but create lots of laughter in the room. Oh well, these things happen to everyone, right? Probably not. As you can tell I'm still have co-ordination issues!
Calm and serene on the lake in the morning.
Just a touch of frost.
The mighty oak is still holding on to some of her leaves.
Someone on the lake had a wood fire going yesterday morning. We did too, of course, but I let it go out after lunch to the grumblings of Larry when he came home.
Some of the neighbours are beginning to put a few decorations out, I love the color of this wreath!
Well time to drink my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well aren't you full of vim and vinegar today....share sista share lol