Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 329 - 24th November 2012 - Frost and Ice - Its is November after all

First night in a week I didn't sleep well and was up too early. Temperature is +6.7, so maybe that and the furnace going had something to do with it. I think Lexi was restless and  warm too. Off to town this morning for the weekly shopping. Larry needs to fix a few shingles on the roof, but not sure he'll get it done today as they are giving a chance of showers, hopefully the weather co-operates and he can get that done. I don't see too much "need to do" things for today so will just see where it leads.
The Christmas festivities are happening this weekend in town. Craft show today, parade tonight, house tours etc. Should be nice weekend so I hope the weekend weather isn't too bad.
Another beautiful day yesterday. It's hard to believe this is almost the end of November, but they are giving colder for Sunday. It really helps to be in a good mood when yukky things happen. I started cleaning out the fridge in the morning, pull out the top shelf, knocked a container open which spilled over everything including the floor. Now you know it was something that had been there for a while. So before I even could clean the inside I had to scrub up the floor. Oh well stuff happens, right? So I proceeded, cleaned everything out, shelves, crispers, etc. Took those things which are always hidden in the back and no longer recognizable as food, dumped them in the compost and wash up all the containers. A morning well spent. By lunch time the big orange cones had appeared again in the road. But they were patching the pavement in front of the house, so we had an afternoon of heavy equipment, etc. in and out of the driveway. Finally I could stand it no longer, Lexi was just about nuts as she hates loud noises. We crept out the backdoor [no chance of going through the front and on the road] and tramped through the woods til we hit the path and sought refuge at Lois' for an hour. By the time we got home they had finished and it was the regular traffic on the road again. Don't get me wrong I like the idea that they are paving the road they can pick up their damn garbage! Tomorrow I'm going to tell them to take their spray cans and junk they are leaving on the sides of the road with them.
Just a few water droplets left from the mornings frost on this branch.
It's dripping from the branches above as the sun melts the frost.
But more than frost on the lake, a delicate layer of ice along the edge of the shore.
A bit of foam mixed in with the ice. I think it looks kind of cool.
There was a bit of frost along the edge of the tree fungi this morning.

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