Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 310 - 5th November 2012 - Lighthouses, Coves and Returning Home

It's Monday again, boy that day comes around fast. Well back to the massive housework today, not sure what else I've got to do except the standard laundry and baking. I managed 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night, must have been tired. Looking like nice weather for the next few days and rain towards the end of the week, although the temperatures appear to be a little lower. This morning it's +3.4, still nothing to complain about for November.
Can't believe the weekend went by so quickly. Yesterday morning I walked down to Beautiful Cove, it's certainly well named, but was really windy and cold. We caught the 9am ferry after the Firemen's breakfast and headed on our way home, with a few sightseeing detours and stops. There are always so many lovely coves to explore on this trip and even in November it's a great place to visit. Next time I'll pack my gloves as my hands got cold taking photos along the shore. Of course we were the only tourists at this time of year.
The Northend Lighthouse [I hope I have that right] with Coast Guard buildings, located on Brier Island.
Looking down Beautiful Cove you can see across Grand Passage to Brier Island.
The sun was emerging from behind the clouds.
The ferry has taken us over to East Ferry and we are homeward bound.
Didn't get too far before I hollered to stop - along Digby Neck.
We saw a sign that said Look Off so headed up another side road but ended up at Gulliver's Cove. There's a pretty neat Interpretative sign there telling about the Legend of Cut Throat Gulliver.
Another wonderful view and it was worth getting lost to see.
The wind turbines.
Another detour to a favourite spot - Gilbert's Cove - found some Canada Geese here.
More lovely scenery.
Our last stop was a lake somewhere close to Forest Glen.
Well time to get moving. Enjoy your day!


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  1. Awesome photos!! Wish I could have seen them while waiting at the QE2 this morning they might have calmed me just a bit. I am home now and will wait to hear from Mom's doctor and whether to back down in the am. They tried to unblock an artery and were unsuccessful so they had to keep her....I did not find out until Saturday night while in sleep and a tad bit annoyed/worried would be the understatement of the CENTURY!!! Love the photos my fav. is the sun trying to fight its way through the clouds :) Glad you had a great weekend and you should really do it more than once a year!!!