Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 330 - 25th November 2012 - Clouds, Bird Nest and Ducks

Up early this morning, temperature is 0.8. Let Lexi out and there were a few gently snowflakes coming down from a star bright sky. It was pretty just before 5am. We are off to work the breakfast at the Fire Hall this morning, after that who know. It usually take a good portion of the day as we don't get home much before noon. I think Larry wants to put some more wood in the basement so if the weather is fit that's what he'll do. I'm not sure what I'll get up to, there is always something around here that needs to get finished or started, maybe the room I've been putting off.
Yesterday wasn't such a bad day. After posting on Saturday morning about frost and ice, it was rather funny that the temperatures reached 13.5 in the afternoon. The rain held off, Larry got the roof repairs done that he wanted to do, we did our shopping in the morning and a few errands. I puttered around the house most of the afternoon, even wrapped a few Christmas gifts. One more month and the day will be here and I still have sooo much to do. I realized just how few gifts I've bought. I need to figure out what I'm buying for people, that's the hardest part. Took a drive up the road visiting last evening.
The dark clouds moved over some parts about mid afternoon.
There was still lots of blue showing up between the big batches of fluff in the sky.
Looks like the flames on the burning bush have pretty well been extinguished.
A pair of Mallards.
This family has no doubt moved on to warmer climates.
 Well my second cup of coffee is ready, time to wake up everyone else. Enjoy your day!

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