Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 314 - 9th November 2012 - More Rain, Leftover Photos from Freeport

Friday, temperature is +9.0 and they are giving a chance of rain again. This rain is really getting tiresome. Well  guess I better do something with those butternut squash today that I never got to yesterday, Darrell has given me some great ideas and I love the one for the frozen yogurt which tastes more like cheesecake - right up my alley. Think I will also cook some up for the freezer as well. Squash is tricky in our house, Larry doesn't like it as a vegetable but likes it in baked goods. I on the other hand love it anyway. Growing up I was one of those children that loved their veggies, the only one I can say I truly dislike is sweet potato and baked beans - yuk, which is weird since I really like squash. Most Saturday nights in our house were baked beans and brown bread. Beans any other way are fantastic but oh I do not like them baked. The brown bread on the other hand was marvelous!

Yesterday was just down right miserable most of the day. Lexi and I did manage a decent walk in the morning without getting wet, but later on we both came home soaked. I spent most of the day going through and cleaning out my baking supplies and seeing what I need for Christmas baking. May make a trip to Yarmouth on Saturday to my favourite store - the Bulk Barn and a few other places. I'll finish off my list today. I feel like I squandered the day away but...sometimes it's like that. Larry's youngest brother stopped in the afternoon to visit so that was the rest of the day gone. Then it was on to exercise class, something new last night - equipment! So that was painful and I hurt before I even left. Mean, mean teacher! HA!HA! Just joking Cindy's really good - she never wants to really hurt you or at least I don't think she does. It was a good evening and I'll walk out the pain today. I guess I was visiting with Phil and I missed the rainbow that everyone had photographed in the afternoon.
Weather was too wet for photos so I've had to dig through some old ones.
Beautiful Cove in Freeport, Digby County, last Sunday morning.
Looking back up the road to the Cove.
Always like the ocean waves.
Clouds are among my favourite things to photograph.
On the Ferry looking at East Ferry.
Well guess it's time to pour another coffee and get on with things. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I absolutely love left overs...better the next day and love the Freeport photos....baked beans and brown bread thanks mouth is watering...but as a young child like you "yuck" to the beans but "yum" to the brown bread lol. It wasn't until I was older that I loved baked beans but there are few people who can do them like Mom or Dad ha ha ....Hope you have a productive day and a good save on Cindy...not wise to call her mean on your blog. Word might get back to her and then you will know the "definition" (pardon the pun)of mean. She is a great trainer/instructor and loves doing it as her passion is evident. I always enjoyed her class and gnerally laughed so much that I didn't notice the muscle fatigue or soreness until later. Have a good day :)