Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 313 - 8th November 2012 - Chairs, Harbour, Dock St and Burning Bush

I looked at the clock on my nightstand this morning when I woke up and thought WOW I slept until 5:30am, good stuff. Went downstairs to make my coffee, turned on laptop and realized I hadn't changed the clock and it was only 4:30, how deflated and tired I suddenly felt. Oh well that will teach me a lesson. Not raining at the moment any way but I can still hear the wind although that seems to have died down some as well. Our house is probably around 150 years old but must have been made well made as I really don't notice high winds that much. A nor'easter off the lake doesn't bother us like it did when we first moved here. Within the first few years we planted a row of fir trees along the north property perimeter which has filled in and grown up after 25 years, offering protection.
Not sure what I have planned for today, if it rains all day perhaps another room. I have a bad one to tackle that I'm putting off - another of those catchall junk rooms, best done with out Larry home as he will not want to part with anything. I've got 3 butternut squash I should deal with today or tomorrow, but will see what Darrell has offered up in his Blog this morning, perhaps that will give me some incentive.
Wednesday was miserably cold, I wondered how it would actually rain and not snow. Maybe it's just because it's been so nice that we feel the cold so deep. Rained hard and really windy last evening. Got our next on-line auction stuff up for the office. It's a good fundraiser and people seem to be responding. Hard working for non-profit we are constantly having to raise money. Dropped a disk off with photos to get printed on the way home, now to find some inexpensive frames.
The chairs sit lonely and empty waiting for the warm weather and company to come again. Think I've noticed Linda enjoying a glass in wine in one of those.
Tide was low yesterday morning, this seagull is out on the reef having breakfast I think.
Looking down Dock Street.
This garden is totally finished for the season!
The Burning Bush is still burning. Love the bright red color especially since the other trees are all bare.
Time for another coffee, check my emails and see who's beating me in scrabble. Enjoy your day!

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