Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 334 - 29th November 2012 - Ice, Hazy Sun and Chickdee

Woke a little too early this morning - ugh! Temperature is nippy at -4.5 and they are giving a few flurries. Not sure what's on for today, maybe start digging out the Christmas decorations. I've got a great storage cupboard under the staircase which holds everything. They are out of the way (but all together) from season to season. Some of the bins are too heavy and I'll have to get Larry to pull them out this evening but I can get a few things done. It usually means a couple of days shot depending on my ambition level and how much I really feel like putting out. Some years are more decorative than others! I'll check out my pinterest boards and see if anything inspires me - I've pinned lots of stuff but it's hard to say if I actually have everything without buying more to put something together. This year I'm not spending any money on decorations.
Spent most of yesterday in a workshop on Social Media. It was pretty good, picked up a few tips and created a new Facebook page for the Beandock. Facebook I'm pretty good with, but I've had twitter for several years and don't use it much other than to tweet my blog every morning. I might start using it more now. Linkedin I'm on but never use it. Truthfully I can't see a great purpose behind it for myself. Then it was a mad dash around to mail parcels, do bank deposits, dropped off my laptop in the morning, checked on that, got it on the way home and I paid some bills. So I was tired when I got home. The house was cold too, the furnace never lasts all day and it was rather cold and raw although we didn't receive any rain or snow.
Checking back to Grandmother's Journal:
29th November 1973
Overcast and raining all day until afternoon late. What a pleasure not to get up early. Bob to M.C. [Middle Clyde] look after dogs and working on his chores.
30th November 1973
Last of November can hardly believe the time flies so fast. Settled in town a relief not to be alone in M.C. Love it but wish there was someone else around. To work as usual and Bob to M.C. to finish up house. He did a lot of  his chores today. Things to do here in town but they will come. Tom not happy but I finally got him in his box. Wish we didn't have to leave M.C. No answer for that so far. Nasty day, rain snow mixed. More in M.C. then in town. [They lived in Middle Clyde for over 20 years with no power (except generator) or telephone, usually in the winter they would move to town for the worse months)]
Guessing we will have more of this.
A skating rink for birds.
The sun was just a hazy globe in the sky.
He's trying hard to get at it.
I think I'm in need of another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. thanks right on cue "grandmother's journal" are you a witch or something????
    have a productive day...I am going to let the Grinch throwup "literally" all of my Christmas Decorations :)