Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 333 - 28th November 2012 - Sunrise

Wednesday and the temperature is -0.1, a little milder perhaps. Well it's my town day, sounds like the weather will be messy with wet snow/snow/rain who knows, but only about 2-4mm of something. Going to drop my laptop off at the shop, it kind of went a little wonky yesterday morning so best get it checked out before something terrible happens and it crashes. Although it's been fine ever since, but better safe than sorry. I did get everything backed up yesterday to my external hard drive just in case.
Yesterday was one of those grey, overcast days - the weather looked like it would do something but never did. Of course with the sunrise as bright as it was, one could just wait for some kind of weather. It was the first day of Lobster season as well, in this area that's an important event. Loads of people go out to the wharves early in the morning [still dark] to watch the fishermen/women get ready and set sail. There were some fabulous photos this morning on Facebook. Most communities also hold a special service the Sunday prior to the first day of season. Lexi and I went down to the boat ramp for a minute in the morning and came home to find a bag of flour and a bag of sugar. Can't wait to see what I get tomorrow! It's beginning to look like the 12 days of Christmas. They have one side of the road paved in front of the house - oh it was a noisy afternoon. Will be really glad when they are finished here, Lexi just hates the big machinery and the house shaking.
I like the tree silhouettes in front of the sunrise.
The colors were just brilliant.
And some softer colors
You can also see a bit of ice which has just formed on the top of the lake at the base of the shoreline.
I like the simplicity of this - flakes of ice, but it looks so much cooler as a larger photo.
Well time to take my turn at scrabble and get ready for town. Enjoy your day!

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