Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 315 - 10 November 2012 - Chickadees, Blue Jays, Boats and Trees

Saturday, the stars are out and the moon is hanging in the sky. Looks like a nice day in the making. Temperature is lower though at 0.8, so it might be a bit nippy. We are going to head to Yarmouth to do some shopping. Have a list all made but it appears to be mostly food oriented, which is great in one sense but I really need to get some Christmas shopping under way. The big problem is I don't know what to buy. Hopefully some things will jump off a shelf and hit me in the head and be the perfect gift for someone! Also need to get some inexpensive frames.

Lexi and I had a great day, Friday. I cracked right on first thing in the morning - did up the bed sheets, the floors and some maintenance housework. That's what I called a quick whip around to tidy up the rooms that have been purged/fall cleaned. Next week we'll get back at that again. Darrell inspired me to tackle the squash so I began by cutting one up to puree and boy did it turn out good - nice and smooth. The other one I cut in two and baked it in the oven - no Larry home so I had one half for lunch. I actually like buttercup better for baking as it's drier but it was still good. I have one left to do something with. I ended up with 4 cups of puree and decided to try Impossible Pumpkin pie cupcakes - I've given most of those away, kept a few for Larry. They past the first taste test, will see what the little girl I've given them to thinks, when she gets home from the city tomorrow. I say little girl, but she's actually a grown up married woman now - ah she's still a girl and skinny - just the kind I like to bake for! The weather was just so  so yesterday - sort of blah, mild in the temperature department but windy. Lexi and I got out around the neighbourhood, stopped and enjoyed tea with Lois. Larry picked up the photos I had printed on his way home. I'm pleased with them, quality is good, so if you are looking for someone local - check out Dan Peacock Photography & Printing. He has various paper and can do a lot of different sizes. I almost forgot to mention I had a lovely visit over coffee with a very good friend late this afternoon. So it was a very good day!
The chickadees will probably be like the ducks and geese - you will see  a lot of them over the next few months.
And of course the very vibrant and greedy Blue Jays.
Getting ready for take off, they don't sit still very long. Not a great photo but I thought it was kind of cool.
These are rather interesting but I'm not sure what the name is.
The boats were all tied up at the ramp today.
This oak tree is still holding on to a few leaves even with all the wind and rain we've had lately.
Guess I'll let the rest sleep for another 1/2 hour before waking them up and getting them moving, more time for me! Enjoy your day!

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