Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 325 - 20th November 2012 - Lots of Clouds, A Chickadee and A Cat

A cool Tuesday morning, temperature is -2.6. Weather is forecast as sunny all week. More cleaning today - I think I'll tackle the kitchen today.  I'll make some homemade chicken soup with the leftover roast chicken in the fridge.  I love being able to get lots of miles out of one chicken! Also have to pay some bills, it's creeping up to the end of the month again. Should be a little quieter in front of the house today I hope. They were finished working on this section but were flagging from here yesterday, so all the big trucks were lined up in front of the house.
Well I managed to get the "Bowling Alley" cleaned yesterday - 40' x 10', with 8 windows. So curtains came down and got washed, windows were cleaned (inside) maybe I'll convince Larry to do the outside on the weekend and everything from top to bottom was cleaned and dusted. Cookies made in the afternoon and thank goodness there was leftover chicken for hot sandwiches and fries for supper as  I don't think I had energy to do much else. Well got my second wind and headed to exercise class after supper. I guess I'm getting used to it, not that I love it but am learning to like it a bit more - I just keep telling myself, you need this, you need this.
Lexi and I did manage to sneak out around the road work a couple of times for a walk and some photos.
Hardly a ripple on the lake today, sky was filled with clouds.
And the clouds were in the lake.
Umm...wonder what he's looking at?
Kitty is sitting at the base of the feeder!
Time to fly!
Time for another coffee, play my turn at scrabble and get started! Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the photos of the lake and the reflections from the clouds especially. Wonder if the kitty has his belly full...lol. Kathy plays scrabble as well but I got tired of the dial up at home...TOO SLOW!! You accomplished alot yesterday...take it easy!!! Do not let Cindy know you are getting used to it "me thinks she will step YOU up a notch" lol kasey had me up at 4:30, wood box filled, something out for supper, fire going really well and the garbage taken up to the end of the road. I started taking my synthroid before bed it appears to be making a difference not quite as lethargic in the morning....Have an awesome day!!