Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 311 - 6th November 2012 - Grasses, the Lake, Ducks and Fungi

Temperature is -0.5 this morning. Just checked the weather forecast and they are giving 30% chance of rain or flurries this morning. Looks like rain for most of the week. Hopefully 30% turns into 0%. The rest of the week looks wet so would like to have a day that Lexi and I can get out a roam around some. Have some baking to do today, am a few days behind on a birthday treat, but I'm sure the girls won't mind. Would also like to get a research report done for someone as well. The day will pass quickly as they all do lately.
Yesterday was nice but cooled off in the afternoon so we built a fire in the furnace. This time of the year I find the house is cold, then of course with a wood fire it gets too hot. Wood is not easy to regulate, but come the miserable days of winter and I love it. Managed to get 2 more rooms done, some laundry etc. That brings my total rooms completed to 10, I'm half way there! Rah!
I thought a very good friend could use some memories from Grandmother's Journal today:

Sunday 5th November 1972
Overcast and spitting snow or rain. Miserable day. I wasn't outside all day. Bob and two boys went out to traps in woods buggy. Nothing. Bobbie, Bettie and Kim came up. B & B up river, nothing again, water too high. Worrying about Ruth, Mum and Anne taking Jimmie back. Hope roads are ok. Kids stayed to supper. Kids talking whose coming this week.

Monday 6th November 1972
Beautiful day. Not even to cold. Lovely late afternoon an evening. To town and washed, did a bit of shopping. Back home around 3. Saw 2 partridges by gate. Walked down to the dogs one flew out of apple tree down there. Someone still at cozy camp. Not many robins.

Tuesday 7th November 1972
Home all day. Not to fine. Bob went to beaver traps out old road. No beaver. I baked bread and 2 pumpkin pies. Mother came up just before dark. Listened to Nixon's victory for a while. Part of the road has been scrapped up to Brier Hill Road.
I enjoy these grasses all year round.
There were a good gang of ducks around yesterday.
The lake was a clear as glass and totally peaceful, except for the ducks.
Still a bit of color showing through along the bank.
Thought I would sneak a little fungi in.
The rest of the family will soon be up, time to put the kettle back on. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks....I needed a little of Grandmother today...had to smile when I read she had made bread and pumpkin pies(my fav) and just for a moment could have sworn I smelled fresh bread and pies cooling on the counter!!! I had the geese to look at this morning and 6 does in the middle of the road this morning...there had been 7 so sadly I would say a hunter had one or atleast I hope he had it for meat for his family and not just shot it and let it rot in the woods which unfortunately has happened over the years. The geese were hudled in the cove this morning talking up a storm and probably were there last evening....but I died when my head hit the pillow!! Sometimes you can hear them out there gossiping and discussing how they avoided the avid hunters :) Have a good day and will talk to you later :)