Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 308 - 3rd November 2012 - Gone to the Birds!

So we are already to head out this morning, camera batteries are charged so fingers crossed that it doesn't rain.  This is one place I love to take photos. The scenery is awesome, oops forgot to mention we are going to one of the islands off of Digby and staying in Freeport. And did I mention Larry has a truckload of scrape and metal to exchange in Marshalltown at the depot there. Thinks he's going to make his first million - but who knows maybe he will! I don't think it's worth driving there to get rid of it but since we are going in that general direction anyway, it's a good chance to get rid of it. Clean out the shed at least.
Got packed yesterday, house cleaned up, trifle made and went to town. Small turn out for the Veterans Coffee Party and Display but that's not surprising, nice to see those who came out though. Many of the ones who come are veterans of World War II or the Korean War, all of which are getting up there in age, however, members of the local Legion always come out to support us as well. The display stays up for another week and can be enjoyed by many patrons of the library. I got a little carried away with photos today but it was nice to actually get out and catch a few different things. There are lots of Bluejays and Chickadees around now.
The greedy bluejay - snacking on the cracked corn for the ducks.
Quite a few ducks in the lake - both wild and tame.
Unusual looking clouds hung over the lake last evening.
Enjoying a few fat scrapes.
The chickadee is among my favourite birds.
They are so cute, flitting around from place to place.
He reminds me of a little old man.
The Chickadee shares the seeds with the White Breasted Nuthatch.
The Nuthatches are like little clowns.
Time to have another coffee and get both of them moving otherwise we'll never get out of here. Enjoy your day!

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