Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 323 - 18th November 2012 - A Day on Dock Street

Brrr... it's cold out there this morning, -3.8. Of course I had to bundle up and take Lexi out at 5:30am, and from what I can tell that was just a walk in the dark. I'll try her again as the sun is coming up and take my camera too. She's in a snit since Larry's not home. There is a reason I don't do the early morning and night walks apparently. Have built a fire, now if it catches I'll be happy, should be any minute now. All these extra duties cut into my writing time! The good news is I slept well. Not sure what today will bring, suppose to be nice so maybe a roam around or perhaps a short drive somewhere. Can never tell.
Yesterday was a long day, got home from the Bean Dock around 5:30pm. We had fun though and some giggles. Got home walked Lexi, built a fire, pj's on and a relaxing girls night in with just Lexi and I. Larry and Danny had gone into camp around lunch time for the night. Lexi of course spent quite a bit of time looking and wondering where Larry is.
The New Jersey Volunteers Regiment were doing some re-enacting yesterday at the Ross Thomson house. Here I found some  outside chatting.
This soldier is tending a fire.
The sun was beginning to set across the harbour before we left.
Looking down the harbour at the Lighthouse as the sun was going down.
And the street lights began to come on.
A lone loon in the harbour.
Well must go have a chat with that furnace. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photos. Are you sure you didn't kick someone lol how is the toe? Hopefully lexi is out of her snit kasey didn't get to sleep on the bed last night miss priss took over so I have a sookie baby to deal with this morning. Laundry dishes vacuum etc...that is the problem with participating in LAC and then the trade show...the house is a disaster ughhhh. Have a good day I have fish for supper ;)