Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332 - 27th November 2012 - Gift from Afar, the Lake and Birds

Tuesday, temperature is definitely chilly out there at -5.7. Winter must be truly here, doesn't seem like we are going to get any mild mornings now. It's suppose to be sunny/cloudy today, so I think Lexi and I will take advantage of that if it's quiet out front. Perhaps we'll add another walk to our normal regiment or putter around the yard some. I should start adding the latest photos for the Society's on-line auction that we want to get started this week, easier to do it today and get it running. This will probably be the last one before Christmas.
Yesterday I did some baking, hemmed some pants and a bit of general work - laundry, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. Some days are like that but everyday can't be a blast. We had the war zone going on most of the day in front of the house again. When I see the big orange cones going out I know it will be noisy! Will be glad when the paving is done. Lexi is not a happy dog at all. Although I'm glad to be home with her when this is going on. I got a lovely gift in the mail from Sandy far away in Scotland. Sandy and I have never met but we share a common friend. Funny how I feel like I've known her forever, perhaps we share some Scottish roots since some of my family originally came from there over 225 years ago. Thanks again, I love the diary and the photos are beautiful.
Got a little camera shake going on when I took this, but the photos throughout it are fabulous. It makes me want to go now for sure.
It was nice on the lake, but cold.
This Blue jay was squawking at me from above. He was a bit ruffled and I wonder if he's not a young one.
Not snow but sand along the beach.
Looks like the water level has dropped a bit again.
A little Nuthatch peaking down from a high limb.
Well time to get things started. Enjoy your day!

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