Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 312 - 7th November 2012 - Lake, Birds and Bumps in the Road

Another Wednesday has rolled around and I'm off to town this morning. Temperature is nippy at -2.5 and I'm up too early again. Well I did have a couple of good nights sleep, can't have it all. Looks like mostly fine for today, but rain and high winds on it's way this evening and tomorrow. Sounds like another storm front. I think we've had enough! Checking the Internet this morning I see Obama has been re-elected in the United States. I don't know that much about US politics but I'm thinking this is a good thing, keeping up with Canadian politics lately is a brain twister.

Had a good day yesterday, spent most of it in the kitchen baking. Lexi and I got some outdoor time in and some minor housework. Also finished going through photos to pick some for printing, am getting it narrowed down. Will drop off a disk on my way home today to have them printed, then just to find some very inexpensive frames.  The seasons are definitely changing, you can feel the chill in the air more now. The blue jays hollering and squirrels chattering whenever you walk through the woods, the crunch of dried leaves on the path beneath your feet.
It was a perfect day for reflections on the lake.
What was beach a few months ago is now water.
Love birds in the neighbour's garden.
He was hanging out in the yard around the trees.
We have a quite a few of these signs up and down the road, but hoping it will be all worth it when they are done!
One of my favourite birds - the Chickadee.
 Well time for me to pour another coffee and get started. Enjoy your day!

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