Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 320 - 15th November 2012 - Birds, the Lake and Buoys

Sometimes my beloved dog can be a royal pain. She's been fussing half the night - not sure what her problem is but finally after I got up [too early] she has settled down, on a mat in the living room. She even had Larry up once. Temperature is +3.6 and it's suppose to be a nice day. So glad the rain is suppose to be over for a few days. Lots to do around here, have a reference letter to do - but I think I have it more or less composed in my head,  just a matter of writing it. I also have to run through my presentation for this evening. I called last week to be put on the list to speak when the Law Amendments Committee come to town. They've come up with a brilliant [not] idea to split our county in two and dump each half with Argyle and Queen's for voting purposes. How stupid can that really be and where will it end. Who is going to look after our interests - no one by the sound of it. Anyway, I hope a lot of people have called in and will speak, it takes place on Thursday evening  and Friday. Thinking I better try to squeeze a nap in sometime during the day so I can appear smart tonight.
What a miserable day yesterday was - weather wise it was raining, blowing and cold - yuk! That's the really nasty thing about rain this time of year it's cold - where did our summer weather of Monday and Tuesday go??And my day of volunteering started off with a witch [that's the only polite thing I can say], some people should just crawl under a rock and stay there and leave the rest of the world alone. The rest of the day went pretty well.
Enjoying a mid day snack.
The lake and sky looked so beautiful a few days ago.
Plane exhaust on a much clearer day!
This buoy always looks so lonely.
Grasses against the lake.
And my favourite feathered friends.
Well it's that time. Enjoy your day!


  1. I don't remember if I've said this before, but I've certainly been thinking it...Your blog is great. Love the blog and how you take photos of all kinds of everyday things. Very nice!

  2. Thanks a lot Lisa! I enjoy roaming around seeing what's right in front of us!