Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 306 - 1st November 2012- Deer, Flowers and Sailboats

A new month begins - what will it bring? October certainly went out with a roar and made quite a statement. Even though we had thunder, lightning and torrential rains, I am so thankful to live where I do. So many other places were really hit hard by Hurricane Sandy earlier this week. Not sure what the plans are today, some of the usual housework stuff but other than that we'll see what the day brings. Exercise class tonight of course - time to start working away at all that junk I ate on the weekend. There should really be a 12 step program to get chocolate clean. I'm sure it became part of my regular diet again on the weekend and it's so hard to stop! I wonder if I bury the leftover Halloween candy in the backyard if that would help?? I can bake and not eat but there is something about chocolate bars that call my name - way too loud.

Thought I'd check out Grandmother's Journal this morning:
1st November 1972
Beautiful Fall Day. Ground looked like it had snowed. Bob up early got a big beaver. Mother and Bob went up the river to put out traps. Lots of signs. Had a beautiful trip. She sure enjoyed it. S.R. and his boys going to camp. Had dinner when they got back. Drove over to Ohio. They were discouraged as they (Jim & Dick) didn't see any beaver signs. Black birds still here, lots of Jays - Blues and Canada.
2nd November 1972
Another cold night. Southerly winds to day so no doubt warmer. Mum and Bob went up river to look traps. No fur of any kind.  Mum had a good time. Worked on buggy and out to Prongy Pine, no beaver. Bob's back acted up, worries me no end. Mother and I sat up late. Me worrying. Got through the night ok.
Trudeau is going to form a government.

I've borrowed a few of Larry's photos - hopefully I can get back out again tomorrow.
I think he took these in September.
Just a little camera shy.
As you can tell this is his favourite topic.
The fawns still had spots here.
A sunny afternoon with sailboats in the Harbour.
Time for another coffee and then the rest of the house will be up. Enjoy your day!

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  1. oh just in time another passage from Grandmother's journal.....needed that today...I have pretty well made in the last three days a major investment at Registry of Motor Vehicles and more to do the end of March :( oh and Larry's photos were nice ironic I had been watching the deer at home this morning lol