Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 331 - 26th November 2012 - The First Snow

Well Monday has rolled around once again. Temperature is - 1.6, so it's a bit nippy out there. Forecast is for a chance of snow flurries this morning. Planning to finish up a few things around here in the housecleaning department, then maybe drag out some decorations. Wasn't really planning on that until the end of the week but it might happen today. Although I've got some mending and shortening of pants that I've been putting off so I might spend part of the day at the sewing machine. I never mind starting from scratch sewing but dislike doing the mending end of things. I know there are several pairs of pants Larry needs hemmed. Maybe it will be a good day for that, especially since they've been sitting there for months.  Exercise class tonight, hopefully I will stay on the ball and not slide off again. It's been almost 3 months since I started and I guess I can see where somethings are getting better, other things I still don't have much of a clue about, but I'll keep at it.
Had a good turn out for breakfast but I don't think it was one of our busiest mornings. We were short workers so that was fine. I did persuade Larry to help me in the junk room before supper. It's not totally done, but you can get through there now and we hauled a bunch of stuff out to go in the trash. So all is good.  I believe what they say about our weather "wait 5 minutes if you don't like it and it'll change" Saturday was warm, Sunday we had snow. No great amount mind you, but very strong flurries which only amounted to a dusting on the ground and trees Would have been pretty if the wind hadn't been so cold Ah it's winter!
Just a bit on the path yesterday afternoon.
The fallen leaves will soon be covered in white.
I like the snow on the firs and pine trees.
The ducks were flying off.
The moon should be full in another couple of nights. For now it peeks back and forth behind the clouds and tree branches.
Guess it's time for a coffee refill and get things going. Enjoy your day!

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  1. why would you have to shorten pants?
    lol have a great day