Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 318 - 13th November 2012 - The Lake, Shadows and a Squirrel

Tuesday and the temperature is +13.6 this morning. Definitely have to get a few things done inside today even though they aren't giving rain until later this afternoon. I've got a report to finish up, a presentation to do for later this week and framing to get done. Town this evening for a meeting. I should do a little computer maintenance if not today, this week sometime.
Well that was one beautiful Monday! Temperatures rose to +17. in the afternoon, you certainly can't get better than that in November. Got the weekly chocolate chip cookies made, some laundry, swept, etc. But didn't waste time on much housework. Rain coming this week, lots of time for inside things then. Lexi and I roamed around a lot, through the woods, by the lake and down the road - just too nice to keep us in. I suppose I should have done some outside yard work but couldn't find the rake [actually I didn't search that hard - Ha!Ha!] I'm am thrilled over the moon for my friend and her find of the Northern Lapwing, other birders arrived yesterday and got a fabulous photo of him.
Thought someone else might be able to use a little of Grandmother today as she will need a little extra strenght this today.
Sunday 12 November 1972
Rainy and overcast, up early. Bobbie came to go down looking Beaver traps. Left 10:15 to go to Ensors. Got one big Beaver. Got home before dark. Sid and I alone all day. Long day. He's a good little boy, plays and makes things in workshop. Watched the Jays and Chickadees in the tree and shelter. Makes a long day. To bed early.
Monday 13 November 1972
Trying to be fine. Scrapper here this morning. Hope it helps the road. Quite wet. Waxed floor this morning. Mum came up. Afternoon late we drove to Ohio. Road good now. Lots of cars and hunters around. Got home early. Had supper. Bob & Bobbie went to look Beaver trap down river. Nothing. Sid went home with him.
Sometime you can find a little bit of color if you look hard for it.
The long shadows of the trees.
Mourning Doves high in the trees.
The sun was sparkling across the lake yesterday morning.
He was a funny little fellow with that cone.
Beautiful day on the lake.
Blowing in the wind!
The rest fo the bodies are moving, so time for my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you...love reading Grandmother's reflections of her day... Syd "a good little boy" even at a young age he was a charmer. Have a good day buddy and thanks again ...I will message you later <3