Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59 - 28th February 2014 - Sunrise, Clouds and Blue Jay

The last day of February, already two months of this year have flown by. A better sleep last night, thank goodness. Temperature is - 10.5, guess I better resign myself to the fact that winter is not over yet. At least it's Friday for the working world. Another normal day in the hood, Lexi and I will roam, do some housework and computer work. Exciting stuff.
Well it did warm up a lot yesterday, think it was just below 0. Snow started melting and dripping off the house. Had the Efficiency NS fellow in - got light bulbs changed etc. Nice guy - job well done. I will have to get him back to do the hot water heater wrap as Larry didn't have the electrical wires tucked in the casing where they belong - bad husband!  Skipped exercise class last night, had a headache and just didn't think I had the energy after my early morning yesterday.
 The sun creeps through the snow clad apple tree.

 Shadows cross the neighbour's driveway.
 Sprigs on top of a moss covered tree stump.
 This guy seemed to be enjoying the sun as it came through the Christmas tree.

Cloud filled sky

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 58 - 27th February 2014 - Pigeons and the Harbour

This is the first time in quite a while that I've been up in the middle of the night. Temperature is - 12.6, but the stars are all out and the snow is glistening like bling. I turned the back light on and let Lexi out for a few minutes and could hear the lake moaning and groaning under the ice. I know it wants to escape. Last week this time it was milder and I thought for sure the ice would soon start to move out but now we are back in the deep freeze and it will stay awhile longer. I have the Efficiency  NS guy coming this morning - wrap the hot water heater, new light bulbs etc. A free service if anyone wants it. Anything that helps with the power bill is a good thing in my mind.
Had a good day in town Wednesday, most everything went along pretty well and I accomplished quite a bit. First time I've said that in a while. It did warm up to about -5 during the day - still not terribly warm. Started snowing in the afternoon - you know that fine stuff. We like to say "little" snow - big snow; "big" snow - little snow, but for once this was wrong, although the roads were greasy and slippery on the way home. We actually did a fishtail in town which made me hold my breath til we go safely in the house.
 Pigeons were sleeping on someone's roof top - glad it wasn't mine.
 It was a beautiful morning on the Harbour.
 Gulls were napping on the ice.
 Looking down the harbour at the Lighthouse.
A Merganser flew by.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 57 - 26th February 2014 - Clouds, Lexi and the Feeders

Can I jump up and down and pout- I"m tired of winter I want it to go away!! It's -11.6 this morning, it's getting colder instead of warmer. Guess we are suppose to have a few flurries this afternoon as well. Today's my town day and it's going to be a busy one indeed. The morning and afternoon is lined up with volunteer work and then some errands thrown in to fill any spare time.
It felt like winter again yesterday except with March winds. Brr it was cold. That blue sky was so deceiving. Cookies baked in the morning for Larry's lunch box and finished off those applications - rah!That took longer than I thought or maybe because I kept getting distracting with the birds at the feeder. Our Red-winged Blackbird was back again - hung out around the yard most of the day. Lexi and I made quick jaunts around the hood. Our Waste Management Gal came with the new Composter but I told her it was too cold to set that up - so she left it and instructions. Next warm, sunny day we'll do that.  Marinated some ribs for supper - they were tasty and a nice change.
 This little girl is becoming a regular visitor.
 A small selection of the too many Blue Jays I have - note one in the back is offering the other food - starting to pair up for spring.
My lovely girl out in the hood.
 As fluffy and lovely as those clouds look - it was cold.
 The Red-Wing and Woodpecker share a feeder.
 A little attitude happening here.
There's is pretty wing - you can just see a sliver of the red above the yellow. It's pretty when he flies.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 56 - 25th February 2014 - Leaves, Bird's Nest and Red-winged Blackbird

Lexi and I had a hard job getting out of bed this morning which isn't like either of us, but it was a snuggle kind of morning. Might be because the temperature is -7 again. Back to winter? Those on dirt roads will be happier I'm sure. Here we are in the last week of February, before I know it I'll be back to work again. Really need to get my act together and get things done that I had on my grand winter list.
Got through the first reading of the grant applications yesterday I have to judge, took a little longer than I anticipated but the next run through won't be as long, hopefully they'll be finished today. A strange weather day, temperature went up above +7 then dipped down to +5.8 with snow flurries off and on. Dark clouds through the sky - then bright blue with soft fluffy clouds. So I made a  few phone calls yesterday - one to our Municipal Waste person for a new Composter and one to Efficiency NS. Val is coming out today to bring and help me set up the Composter. The guy from Efficiency NS is coming on Thursday to wrap the hot water heater, etc. All in the name of helping the environment and saving some money, works for me. Give both places a call and do yourself a favour! Exercise class last night of course it was Tabatas which I really like or hate - can't be sure which. My knees were just screaming - they are not happy these days - I think it's the extra weight I've packed on this winter - ugh!
 Some wonderfully strange clouds.
 Would love to know who raised their family in this nest.
 Like paper in the wind.
 Lots of windfalls this winter.
 Wasn't sure who this was until I saw the glimmer of color on his wing - the Red winged Blackbird.
It's been a while since I've seen him at the feeder, wonder where the rest of his flock is.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 55 - 24th February 2014 - Sunrise, Common Merganser, Gulls, Cormorant and Beaver

Monday morning folks - back to work for those of you that go. Weekends go by so fast. Temperature is +1.8, a chance of flurries or rain this morning, looks like every day this week is a chance of something. That way they have to be right part of the time! Hard to believe we hare rolling through the last week of February. Ironically February is the shortest month, but often feels like one of the longest. I need to get through the rest of those applications that I have to jury, would like to finish them up this week so I can send them back. Exercise class tonight!
I think most every household in Canada was in front of the TV watching the Hockey game yesterday morning. I went for my walk early, when I came home Larry had it on and was cooking breakfast - Blueberry Pancakes for Sunday morning - yum. Sorry but I'm not a sports fan - even the Olympics - so I vacated the living room til it was almost over. Later we took a drive along the shore - sticking to pavement and off the dirt roads, they are way to soft right now. Checked out some wharves for duck activity, stopped and visited a few friends along the way home.
 The sun is slow and lazy, but it turned out to be a brilliant day.

 Found this female Common Merganser down around one of the wharves.

 Getting ready to dive.
1st winter Great Black Backed Gull.
 Herring Gull.
 He was moving along.
 Such ragged looking wing feathers.

 Came across this guy too - what a cutie. Beaver for those not familiar.
Love his little hands.

Here's is big flat tail, makes quite a splash when he slaps it on the water.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 54 - 23rd February 2014 - Lake, Bulbs, Barred Owl and Goldfish

Sunday morning and I slept in a bit - good change of pace. Temperature is +0.8, might be just a tad slippery if you are heading somewhere. Suppose to be a fine day, am anxious to go somewhere but not sure where. Can't believe how early we are seeing daylight peeking her head out now, soon I'll be able to sit on the deck with my morning coffee and enjoy the sunrise and early birds.
I wouldn't say it too loud, but it felt like spring yesterday.  I manged to get in three walks around the hood, the last one was pretty muddy but nice just the same. It will be even nicer when I can hear the Warblers along the way. We did groceries in the morning, Larry had fire practice at noon and when he got home we headed down to find the Barred Owl a friend had in her yard. Luck was with me, he was hanging out and I got some nice shots.
The sun was a long time breaking through yesterday morning.
 But it did - the ice will soon be going - RAH!
 I think I like these best when they are dried and transparent looking.
 New life is springing forth.
 The Barred Owl - oh he was so handsome.
 Off he goes back to his tree.
When he sits on the metal post this is what he gazes at - the Koi and Goldfish Pond.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 53 - 22nd February 2014 - Woodpeckers, Rain Drops and Bark

Temperature is +4.2, another mild morning. A lot of the snow has disappeared the last few days, although if the weather reports are right there is more to come this week. I'm ready for spring, not sure about the rest of you. By the looks of our fridge I know that grocery shopping is at the top of my list today, Larry has a fire dept practice and other than that, not sure what we'll do. Tomorrow is looking like some sun, so I'm going to try to get out birding. A friend has an Owl who's hanging out in her yard and sitting on her deck so would like to catch up with him this weekend.
It's been one of those weeks where I've been lucky enough to catch up with a few old friends. Nothing like a chat on the phone with girlfriends you haven't seen for a while as well as one of my favourite cousins. It's been a month or so since we've had a natter on the phone rather than chat on the pc. Sometimes a voice is so much better than typed words. It stayed fairly mild yesterday even when we had snow around lunch time, thought it might be time to build a fire then in the furnace, house felt damp rather than cold. Smoked fish with egg sauce for supper, comfort food and stirred up good memories from the past. It's daylight late enough now that I can actually get out for a walk after supper - feels good.
 A hint of the sun through the woods. Looks like a fire.
 I walk by this windfall at least once a day, but never noticed the chain until now.
Just a hint of color over the tree line.
 This Hairy Woodpecker was sure busy, look at the holes.
 I'm sure the Pileated Woodpecker has visited this tree, I just haven't caught him here yet.
 He basically ignored me.
 I have no idea what this is, but it's kind of cool.
 Found this guy in another part of the wood yesterday.
The birch bark is all curled up and down the tree.

Enjoy your day!