Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 32 - 1st February 2014 - Sunrise, Icicles and Chickadees

New month folks - bring her one! Yes I slept in, and I always feel guilty when I do that. Then I thought why should it matter, truthfully the last 1/2 hour I've been trying to convince Lexi to let me out of bed. She likes to snuggle in the morning, then barks when I try to get up. Temperature is -2, doesn't look like too bad of a day starting and no major weather on the horizon, so might be a good one. I see some of the snow looks like it's melting in the yard, wonder what became of those bulbs that were breaking through the ground a few weeks ago.
I kept checking the sky yesterday morning and didn't see anything of interest so got my breakfast underway. Just as I'm almost done - I happen to look out and the whole sky is the loveliest shade of pink. Shoveled in the rest of my bagel (switching to oatmeal for a while), threw on my snowsuit over my pj's and headed through the woods to a neighbour's yard and deck along the lake. Unfortunately with the snow on, they know I've been creeping around the property, fortunately most don't really care when they see my little footprints! It was a great sunrise.
 It was indeed a beautiful dawn!
 The sun itself broke through the clouds very slowly.
 Almost like parting pages of a book.

 Temperatures warmed up and the Icicles were dripping from the house.

Love when the Chickadees hang out on fencing.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Wow great sunrise shots. The icicle photos are pretty cool. I have a busy day today and lots to get done but I seem to have the drop ass virus. Have a good day!