Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 33 - 2nd February 2014 - Woodpeckers, River, Merganser

A mild morning, temperature is 0.8, and a chance of rain showers for the day. Doesn't sound bad. Larry's going to Lockeport later today for a Fire Department do, think I'll tag along if it's not a downpour and see what I might find along the beach or some yards. Have no idea besides that what we'll be doing today!
Had a great Saturday! A little housework, a lot of time spent out doors, it was a beautiful day after all. Would have been a good opportunity to go on an excursion but I'm pinching pennies  and we have plans for today.  Gas is just so friggin' expensive! I did my walk in the morning and later in the afternoon we took Lexi and walked into Susan's camp. It was a good day in the woods. As I was giving Larry a lesson in Golden crowned Kinglets hanging out with Chickadees, voila and there was one! He was moving a little fast for photos. Also saw a Pileated Woodpecker flying overhead and heard him. On the way home, we spied the Bald Eagle in Cindy and Ted's lower field. No outing is completed without checking the river - a Common Merganser was on his own there. It was home to hot turkey sandwiches and a lazy evening.
 Sunshine, Snow and was a good day in the woods.
 Always some interesting wood around, keeping my eyes open for Woodpeckers.
 Found one - actually there were a number of them around.
 Finally spotted a White-breasted Nuthatch at Lois' - been a while.
 The River by Susan's was frozen.
 I couldn't sneak up on him, he was watching me.
And he flew off.
Common Merganser in the River.

Enjoy your day!

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