Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47 - 16th February 2014 - Shadows, Seals and Geese

Temperature is hanging right around 0 this morning, guess that's just about the right spot for the freezing rain/flash freeze warning in effect. Sounds like an ugly day. I would sooner have the soon comedown than freezing rain. Didn't sleep great last night I had terrible discomfort through my shoulders and neck all during the night and this morning it seems to have settled mostly in the neck.  Please tell me he has not passed on his cold. Have a chicken out to cook for supper, thinking a nice Sunday meal will be good, leftovers for tomorrow. With the sound of the weather I can see a lazy day with the Kobo.
Had a good walk around the hood yesterday morning. Larry and Lexi were still in bed - he with his man cold, she playing nurse so I ducked out early. It's so quiet in the hood these days, I'm getting tired  of winter. Off to town around noon for groceries. We took a run down to Gunning Cove as Larry had been there earlier in the week and saw a lot of ducks near the shore - not to be yesterday just a few quite a ways off.  We did our errands and headed home. Kind of an afternoon and evening around the house - nothing terribly exciting.
 The neighbour's mailbox lost the battle the other week. Doesn't matter like us they have to use the community mail boxes.
 The morning sun breaks through the trees.
 Pretty morning on the lake.
 The deck chairs wait patiently for warmer days.
 A road full of shadows.
 Frozen in the lake.
 A seagull and Shag.
 Seals basking in the sun.
 Someone's tame geese.

Enjoy your day!

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