Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 39 - 8th February 2014 - Snow Flurries, The Lake and A Brown Creeper

A quiet morning, temperature is -7.4, not quite as cold as yesterday. Stars are out, will probably be a nice day. So what to do. Have  few people coming to look for the Townsend Solitaire - better birders than I, they may find him if he's still in the area. Have to do some grocery shopping and a few errands in town sometime. Depends on how late it is, might run to Barrington. Other than that it will be a quiet day I'm sure unless something interesting comes along.
A little more snow yesterday morning, but knocked off by 10ish. Actually it warmed up and was a nice day. Spent a lot of time stalking the hood for that Townsend Solitaire but no luck, so glad I got photos the other day. I guess I got some extra exercise in, Lexi joined me on some trips, of course I wouldn't leave my favourite girl home every time. She didn't do well - I think she's out of practice she only stopped and pointed at a squirrel, no birds. She may just like the Warblers better.
 Freshly dipped in fluffy white snow.

 The sun was shining through the trees, always beautiful walking when it's like that.
 Lovely on the lake.
 So soft looking ... more like cotton than snow.

 I always think this is such a cute little building.
 Lots of shadows.
 It's been months since I've seen a Brown Creeper.

Enjoy your day!

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