Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 35 - 4th February 2014 - Gulls, Grasses, Clam Shells

Tuesday, temperature is -0.9 so not too bad. I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should go to town before the storm (today) or after (Thursday). I've got a couple hours to decide, I'm leaning towards today if I can finish off a couple things this morning and catch a ride. Seems our live revolves around the weather in the winter time.
Monday was one of those blah days. Sky was grey - neither ran nor snow just blah.  At least it was fairly mild.  Lots of Blue Jays in my yard and I noticed at least two dozen Robins too - all you need is a few patches of grass and they come from all around thinking it's Spring. Lexi and I went for a short jaunt but I didn't get any photos of interest. For me it was a day spent between the kitchen and computer. So much to do. I made some mini turkey pot pies - sort of for last night's supper and some Purple Turkey soup for tonight. I know that woke everyone one - I added purple cabbage and of course some of the left over cranberry sauce for flavour.  Another fabulous workout at exercise class last night - I say that now but will be lucky to be able to walk by Wednesday.
Clams shell washed up on the beach.
 Lobster traps along the dunes.
 Gulls flying by.

 Beetle tracks perhaps on this old log.
Come summer it will be covered with garden vines.

Enjoy your day!

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