Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 52 - 21st February 2014 - Birds, Lake, and Clothesline

Temperature is -0.5, just where you need be carefully of driving. Slept in a bit this morning - til 6 am when Larry got up for work. Lexi was snuggled in and didn't want to get up either. She's a princess. Suppose to be mild with some rain today. The snow was going pretty rapidly yesterday. The weekend is looking pretty good weather wise, maybe we can escape somewhere for a few hours.
Could the March winds be here already? That would be spring too - am I right? The sun was certainly warm yesterday but oh that wind blew, temperature was up to +5 late in the afternoon and some of the ice underfoot melted. Lexi and I took advantage of the fine weather to roam the hood a few times. She appreciates getting a run especially through the woods. I keep her on the leash when we walk the road. Spent the rest of the day doing paperwork, moving photos off my laptop and a bit of laundry and housework. Another hard work out by Cindy last evening and exercise class - my knees really dislike steps.
 The sky was overcast in the morning, the lake looks like it is beginning to soften up.
 It turned out to be a good day to hang out clothes - providing they didn't blow away.
 Lots of fungi on this limb.
 Just a bit of color.
 The Red-breasted Nuthatch returned to the yard again today.
 And a small group of Goldfinches.

 The Woodpecker has been stopping in more frequently.
 But he got scared off today.
Sitting on the feeder roof.

Enjoy our day!

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  1. I had a woodpecker at my suet ball yesterday and a starling came and chased him away too. I also had about 20 goldfinches too. It just made my day. :)