Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 48 - 17th February 2014 - Lake, Snow and Squirrel

Monday morning, the weekend is over and the work week back to face us once again. Temperature is down to -7.8 this morning, I still have this thing in my head and glands so assuming it's part of the virus/cold - not sure what they call them anymore. Other than that, I seem to be fine, hoping that's as far as it goes. Lexi and I will get around the hood some today and see what's happening, got some research I need to get wrapped up and think I'll make a batch of cookies for Larry's lunch. That should round out most of the day nicely and end with exercise class tonight.
So I'm tired of winter or at least this winter. Can we move spring ahead to say February 18th?? That would work for me. I don't like this kind of weather - the rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, whatever. I can handle some snow during November to February but that's about it, I really dislike the rest.  I did get out for a short walk yesterday morning, only because I couldn't stand being cooped up anymore. It was cold and miserable and not great for walking.  All day my neck/glands hurt so I guess Larry has passed some of his "cold" on to me. Not sure how that happened so quickly. I did some laundry, puttered around then played scrabble on the computer with Susan - it was a good day for that kind of thing. Roasted a chicken for supper. I spent some time going through some of my photos, need to clean them off again but was really looking for various bird photos to put together on one disk. Seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would.
Took this one a few days ago, yesterday it blew and lot more and wasn't so pretty.
 You know I like a little snow bling.
 If nothing else I can find a squirrel in the woods.

Enjoy your day!

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