Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 37 - 6th February 2014 - Sunrise, Another Storm, Birds at the Feeder and Lexi

Stars are out, temperature is -9.5, colder than we are used to. It's stopped snowing during the night. No school for the kids in our area, must be a clean up day. That's the problem when it snows late into the night. Larry's out shoveling the driveway so he can get to work. Even if it had stopped snowing he was tired last evening. So I guess Lexi and I will break trails through the woods today - that's always a good cardio workout. Tonight is exercise, so between the two I should work that extra piece of pizza I ate and shouldn't have last night.
Well we had our regular Wednesday snow storm, getting kind of tiresome now. Didn't start until about 11 am so Lexi and I got out for a good long jaunt in the hood before hand. It was so quiet and calm you could almost hear your heart beat. Rather an eerie  feeling, you knew something was coming especially after that sunrise. Got laundry and some housework done, did up pizza for supper and just generally puttered around, was kind of a nice feeling. My brain has started to relax and unwind, even started to have a few ideas for fundraising at work.  Started reading my Warbler book yesterday -  I got it in hard copy but think I'll download the song and call companion to our tablet.  If anyone in interested in Warblers this is a fabulous book.

Now that's what you call a storm sunrise and it had faded quite a bit by the time I got to the water.

And it was snowing.

 The waited their turn on the fence for the feeders to clear.

 Lexi hanging out in the snow with the birds. The little birds don't mind her sitting on the deck. She spent more time outside in the snow than in the house yesterday!
I took pity on the Blue Jay and let him at the deck feeder. Usually I tap on the window.

A hammock sits empty waiting for warmer weather.

Enjoy your day!

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