Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59 - 28th February 2014 - Sunrise, Clouds and Blue Jay

The last day of February, already two months of this year have flown by. A better sleep last night, thank goodness. Temperature is - 10.5, guess I better resign myself to the fact that winter is not over yet. At least it's Friday for the working world. Another normal day in the hood, Lexi and I will roam, do some housework and computer work. Exciting stuff.
Well it did warm up a lot yesterday, think it was just below 0. Snow started melting and dripping off the house. Had the Efficiency NS fellow in - got light bulbs changed etc. Nice guy - job well done. I will have to get him back to do the hot water heater wrap as Larry didn't have the electrical wires tucked in the casing where they belong - bad husband!  Skipped exercise class last night, had a headache and just didn't think I had the energy after my early morning yesterday.
 The sun creeps through the snow clad apple tree.

 Shadows cross the neighbour's driveway.
 Sprigs on top of a moss covered tree stump.
 This guy seemed to be enjoying the sun as it came through the Christmas tree.

Cloud filled sky

Enjoy your day!

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