Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 40 - 9th February 2014 -Lexi, Clouds, Icicles and Birds

Temperature is -8.2 this morning, should warm up later once the sun comes out. All I see are stars right now.
I'm planning a day of catch up - laundry etc. I've been called for Jury duty on Monday so need to get a few things done around here. Got a ham out to cook, so we'll have a few meals ahead in case I"m tired up all week. Truthfully I've done it before and I'm hoping I don't get picked this time - it's not anything like tv!
A rather quiet and uneventful day. Sun was out mostly and it warmed up a lot. The sun has so much more strength in it now than it did even a few weeks ago. I noticed last night at 6pm it was still daylight. A couple of folks came up in the morning and we went in search of the Townsend Solitaire - no sign, guess I was in the right place at the right time as they say and I'm very happy I was.  Did the grocery shopping - rah rah! Tried to pick up some "healthy and low cal" snack food - more rah!rah! Went out on a little jaunt around the hood in the afternoon, stopped and had tea with Lois on her deck. I know it's winter but still we sit and watch the birds and solve the world's problems or at least some of ours. If nothing else we had a giggle or two.
 She likes to look in the window to see what's going on.
 Snowing again.
 Junco must have been waiting for the feeder.
 And this would be why!
 Lois' had a squirrel in one of her feeders.
 I love when the clouds hang over the lake and look like they could go on for miles and miles.
 Icicles hanging from this pine tree limb.
 I need to take a step stool so I can see if anyone uses this tree for a nest.
Forever, forever.

Enjoy your day!

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