Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 34 - 3rd February 2014 - Waves, Ducks and Geese

Another mild morning, +1.1, back to work for most folks. I'm not a football fan so I skipped that foolishness last night and had an early night with a book. Honestly I find it a bit stupid that grown men  run around and plow into one and are paid more than doctors and professional people that we really need and can use. People are starving and we pay athletes too much money. Just my opinion. So I'm going to have to spend a good portion of the day finishing up some research. Having a bit of problems with one of my software programs, hopefully can sort that out today. Of course weather is looking pretty good so it will be a day of haunting the hood as well.
Sunday was another spring like day - mild, snow and ice are melting. Larry put wood in the basement in the morning, I puttered around with some housework and then we headed for Lockeport around lunch time. He was attending a Tribute at the Fire Hall there for their Fire Chief. It was certainly well attended - Departments from all over the county included a number from neighbouring counties. I of course took the opportunity to roam around in search of photos. Walked down the Boardwalk then back up the Beach. Roamed around the town and then waited in the truck with my book. It was a great day for a walk.
 Nice view down the back harbour from the board walk.
 I walked up that from town then over to the beach and back.
 Lots of waves and gulls at the beach.

 Looking up at the dunes.
Not the best photos but these Scaups were so great to watch riding the waves - like surfers!

 Here comes another one!

 Was a chance to practice on some flight photos with gulls.

 Just a few of the Canada Geese in the back harbour.

Enjoy your day!

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