Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 54 - 23rd February 2014 - Lake, Bulbs, Barred Owl and Goldfish

Sunday morning and I slept in a bit - good change of pace. Temperature is +0.8, might be just a tad slippery if you are heading somewhere. Suppose to be a fine day, am anxious to go somewhere but not sure where. Can't believe how early we are seeing daylight peeking her head out now, soon I'll be able to sit on the deck with my morning coffee and enjoy the sunrise and early birds.
I wouldn't say it too loud, but it felt like spring yesterday.  I manged to get in three walks around the hood, the last one was pretty muddy but nice just the same. It will be even nicer when I can hear the Warblers along the way. We did groceries in the morning, Larry had fire practice at noon and when he got home we headed down to find the Barred Owl a friend had in her yard. Luck was with me, he was hanging out and I got some nice shots.
The sun was a long time breaking through yesterday morning.
 But it did - the ice will soon be going - RAH!
 I think I like these best when they are dried and transparent looking.
 New life is springing forth.
 The Barred Owl - oh he was so handsome.
 Off he goes back to his tree.
When he sits on the metal post this is what he gazes at - the Koi and Goldfish Pond.

Enjoy your day!

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