Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 50 - 19th February 2014 - Lake, Red-breasted Nuthatch and Chickadees

Temperature is way up this morning +0.8, just like a yoyo - up and down. It's my weekly town day - errands, volunteer work and whatever else comes my way. Hopefully it will be a quiet day and I can accomplish a lot.
Warmed up, sun was shining most of the day on Tuesday. Lexi and I got a couple trips around the hood, but you have to be careful under foot with the ice. It really sucks, hard to make any good headway for a walk. It was better through the woods and she could run off leash. Walking gives me thinking time, lately it seems that absolutely nothing is going right or well, sometimes I just get so discouraged. And I know lots of people are worse off but  that doesn't always matter - it's what is happening in my life that concerns me. Sorry - sounds selfish but it's true. Made a hot Italian sausage and rice dish for supper last night - it's nasty and makes enough for leftovers. There was still some chicken so I put that together with some pasta for a casserole for another night. It's lighter, later so I took a walk after supper. Can't wait til the ice is gone in the lake and the ducks are back.
 Standing very still so I wouldn't see him.
 A morning of snow bling.
 Lots of Chickadees around.
 Just wish that was water and not ice I was looking at.
Finally the Red Breasted Nuthatch spend some time at the feeders. Haven't seen them in several months.
 Guess there was a seed in the crack.
 Going down!
 It really was a Chickadee kind of day.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love the chickadees. They are so cute. Wish I could get more birds besides starlings and blue jays though.