Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 49 - 18th February 2014 - Sunlight and Birds

Another very cold morning, temperature is -13.6 outside, +13.6 inside. Brrr. Won't take long to get is warmed up since I'm home to keep the fire going. Should start to get milder the rest of the week. Well another day similar to yesterday I guess. Nothing terribly exciting - I need to really snap some action into my routine. It feels so dull and uninteresting, maybe that's just because the weather puts us in a bit of a winter funk.
Well I got through everything on my list yesterday. Cookies for Larry's lunch, a bit of housework, research and walks with the girl. You really had to watch where you were walking, a light layer of snow over ice made for tricky navigating sometimes. It was no problem once we were walking in the woods and I could let her off leash - just getting out of the driveway was a balancing act. Exercise class last night - we've been doing this Tabata work out on Mondays - let me tell you it is a workout indeed and the hour goes by like it was 5 mins. Usually you hurt for three days after. You know the story - no pain = no gain, we must be gaining with those.
 A hint of morning as it came through the trees and boy oh boy was it red.

 Been really windy the last few days, this Mourning Dove had a hard time holding on to the feeder.

He finally got his balanced.
 The Junco was holding on tight too.
Two of at least 30 Blue Jays at the feeders today.

Enjoy your day!

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