Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 36 - 5th February 2014 - Clouds, Sky over the Lake and Harbour

Wednesday is here, temperature is -4.9 and yes...we the big red snowfall warning in alert bar up on the weather site. Nothing has started but it will later this morning. Going to work may  not be a problem but I'm guessing Larry will have  a nasty drive home tonight. Have a craving for Pizza for supper tonight, and it didn't help when I was cruising through Facebook this morning that a friend who blogs had posted a recipe for Hawaiin Pizza -  which looks really good but I'm allergic to pineapple. Will have to get out for a good walk before the weather strikes, after that Lexi and I can just roam. Some laundry, fun stuff like that and our day will be good. I know sounds kind of mundane but that's exactly what I'm looking for, for a couple of days. I did promise myself that next snow day I'd start reading the new Warbler Guide I got for Christmas. Got to get ready for Spring!
I decided going to town before the storm was better than after so I hitched a ride in with Nancy yesterday morning. A fair amount accomplished, but somewhat upset and frustrated with some people and what idiots they can be .Well as the saying goes "there's no cure for stupid". These days I feel like I'm on the edge and my patience with stupid is thin. Hoping some of that will start to melt off. Since I was up so early yesterday morning I opted for an early night.
 A touch of pink among the morning clouds.
 Before the sun broke through over the lake.
 It was a lovely morning for walking.
 And it eventually came out.
 The Harbour was still pinkish by the time I got to town.
 The Warehouse Tower.
 Common Mergansers in the Harbour.
Hanging out on the roof top.

Enjoy your day, Drive safe on the way home from work tonight!

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  1. I've I'll expect a little Grandmother tomorrow!!!! Oops please. You should have let me know you were in town. Not sure when we are leaving but I have Jordan, and the critters well stocked. Will call you this am and see if I can catch ya between stalks