Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 45 - 14th February 2014 - Valentine's Day

Temperature is +9.4, a little different than a few days ago. Happy Valentine's Day - don't forget to get your sweetheart a sweet treat. Wow it's a wild sounding morning out there, was during the night too. The wind is really roaring and I sounds like we are get a fair amount of rain. More to come by the look of the forecast. I woke up once and Lexi was curled up on my pillow wrapped around my head - yup I could hear thunder. It's been a long week. When I got home yesterday I collected Lexi and we went for a good roam around the hood before the weather struck, made a fire and took my Kobo and crawled into a nice hot tub to relax. Felt good. No idea what's on the agenda for today but I think mostly it's going to be housework since it sounds like it will be mostly a wet day.
 Still some snow left around.
 The lake with heavy storm clouds hanging over her.

 The Chickadees were in a feeding frenzy.
 Snow and Ice pellets eventually turned to rain.

Enjoy your day.

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