Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 42 - 11th February 2014- Northern Mockingbird, Wreath, Goldfinch and Bling

It's too cold this morning, temperature is -17.2, and I don't want to leave the house. I just keep thinking about what it will be like when we come home at supper time. I didn't sleep particularly well last night - tossed and turned a lot, suspect it was in anticipation of the upcoming day. I'll catch a ride with Nancy this morning so I'll get a bit of a walk in, will need that after exercise class last night - it was good and hard!
So yesterday I went off to Jury Duty to do my civic duty. The process of choosing jurors is a little dull but moves along quickly. So by 11:30 I was one of the chosen few from a room full (and hall way) of people. We were excused for the rest of the day and to return on Tuesday morning. Rah Rah! Anyway I had a huge dinner with my Dad (I'll gain more weight this week!) and then spent the afternoon doing a few errands etc. Not sure how the blog will fare this week with photos since I'll be cooped up in a court room every day.
 While I was waiting for Larry to pick me up at Dad and Mom's supper time I turned and looked - this Northern Mockingbird was in a bush next to the hedge!
 Another lifer for me.
The goldfinches are always happy on a fence post.

Love the snow covering the wreath.

Just a bit of morning light coming through the branches of the apple tree.

A little bling among the shadows.

Enjoy your day!

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