Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 57 - 26th February 2014 - Clouds, Lexi and the Feeders

Can I jump up and down and pout- I"m tired of winter I want it to go away!! It's -11.6 this morning, it's getting colder instead of warmer. Guess we are suppose to have a few flurries this afternoon as well. Today's my town day and it's going to be a busy one indeed. The morning and afternoon is lined up with volunteer work and then some errands thrown in to fill any spare time.
It felt like winter again yesterday except with March winds. Brr it was cold. That blue sky was so deceiving. Cookies baked in the morning for Larry's lunch box and finished off those applications - rah!That took longer than I thought or maybe because I kept getting distracting with the birds at the feeder. Our Red-winged Blackbird was back again - hung out around the yard most of the day. Lexi and I made quick jaunts around the hood. Our Waste Management Gal came with the new Composter but I told her it was too cold to set that up - so she left it and instructions. Next warm, sunny day we'll do that.  Marinated some ribs for supper - they were tasty and a nice change.
 This little girl is becoming a regular visitor.
 A small selection of the too many Blue Jays I have - note one in the back is offering the other food - starting to pair up for spring.
My lovely girl out in the hood.
 As fluffy and lovely as those clouds look - it was cold.
 The Red-Wing and Woodpecker share a feeder.
 A little attitude happening here.
There's is pretty wing - you can just see a sliver of the red above the yellow. It's pretty when he flies.

Enjoy your day!

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